The Moove app redesign project for Sensorial exemplifies a meticulous, user-centric approach. The process began with the detailed study of a well-defined target persona, which guided the creation of a new color profile and design system. The design focused on elderly users with vision loss, which guided our color and layout choices to maximize accessibility. We selected a high-contrast color scheme and implemented adjustable font sizes, both of which align with WCAG guidelines. These decisions not only improved usability for the target audience, but also enriched the user experience by ensuring the app was intuitive and easy to navigate for everyone, reflecting a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility at every stage of development.


Starting from scratch, we adapted a global concept to the cultural and business peculiarities of Brazil, more precisely São Paulo, using user experience as a central guide. The process involved a strategic redesign of the product, considering local preferences and logistical challenges, which resulted in a customized and highly engaging experience for participating companies. This pioneering edition not only strengthened team building and corporate health, but also established a new standard for corporate events in Brazil, highlighting our capacity for innovation and adaptation.


The UI and UX development case for the company S4 Solar do Brasil exemplifies a meticulous, user-centered approach, aligned with contemporary design and functionality expectations. The design of the project focused on a clearly defined target persona, which guided the creation of a sophisticated aesthetic profile, using glasmorphism as the main visual language. This style was chosen for its ability to provide an aspect of refinement and minimalism, characteristics valued by the target persona.

UI development was conducted in Figma, a versatile design tool that enabled fluid collaboration between designers and stakeholders. At Figma, every design element has been meticulously crafted, from creating interactive prototypes to applying glasmorphism to icons and interfaces. A tool that facilitates the refinement of visual elements and the implementation of real-time feedback, ensuring that every detail is aligned with the aesthetic and functional vision of the project. For the first contact presentation with investors, a team developed dynamic slides that highlighted the strengths of S4 Solar do Brasil, using visual resources consistent with the new style of the website. This presentation was crucial to communicating the company’s value and vision in an impactful and appropriate way. The result of this process was transferred to the development of the new website, running on WordPress. This CMS was chosen for its flexibility and robustness, allowing the incorporation of personalized design elements optimized for different devices and platforms. Figma’s design integration for WordPress was carefully managed to ensure aesthetics and usability were preserved, providing a cohesive and engaging user experience. This project not only redefined S4 Solar do Brasil’s online presence, but also introduced a new standard in corporate presentations, highlighting the importance of a well-thought-out and well-executed design in engaging investors and end users.


To meet Pizza Croc’s needs, a personalized chatbot could be the ideal solution. The project aims to develop an integrated system that not only speeds up service, but also offers strict control over orders, payments and records. The chatbot design will be user-centric, utilizing an intuitive interface that makes navigation and the ordering process easier for all customers. Furthermore, implementing a robust backend will ensure accurate transaction monitoring and detailed reporting, enabling more efficient management of pizzeria operations. This project reflects a commitment to optimizing customer service and excellence in management.



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